Questions You Should Ask Your Periodontist

Questions You Should Ask Your Periodontist

Most of us know quite a bit about tooth care but many aspects of periodontal care remain a mystery. For example, did you know that gum disease can increase your risk of heart disease and memory loss? It does and unfortunately, it can leave you susceptible to a host of additional systemic illnesses. When you are trying to improve the health or appearance of your smile, your periodontist can be your greatest resource. A simple consultation can be all you need to get on the path to good oral health and protect against gum disease in Jacksonville Beach, FL.

5 Things You Need to Ask About Gum Health

What are common symptoms of gum disease?

Early detection is critical for gum health. Initial signs of gum disease include swollen, red, or bleeding gums and wider periodontal pockets. Advanced symptoms include bad breath, sensitive or loose teeth, and gum recession.
How should I care for my gums at home?
To protect your periodontal health from gum disease, you should commit to flossing once per day; brushing after meals and before bed; and scheduling regular cleanings and yearly exams with your dentist or periodontist.

Can a gummy smile be fixed?

Smiles that make it appear as if you have small teeth and long gums are deceiving. Your tooth surface is being covered by excess gum tissue. Your periodontist can correct a gummy smile by removing this periodontal tissue to show more of the tooth surface.

What happens if I choose not to replace a missing tooth?

Losing a tooth has a negative impact on wellness. Without teeth, you may not be able to chew properly, creating issues with digestion or malnutrition. In addition, the surrounding teeth can move into the space, resulting in a misaligned bite, which can lead to gum disease, cavities, and jaw pain. It should also be noted that patients who are missing teeth experience a loss of self-esteem, based on changes in their appearance.

Is gum disease really going to increase my risk of heart disease?

Gum disease increases the likelihood that you will suffer from heart disease, stroke, diabetes, respiratory issues, memory decline, and certain types of cancers. It can also affect birthweights of new babies.
If you have questions about gum disease in Jacksonville Beach, FL, schedule a consultation with our periodontist today. Dr. Darryl A. Field is happy to discuss gum disease, tooth replacement, and any other topics you want to learn about.

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