Why Do Some Dental Implants Fail?

why do some dental implants fail

Dental implants provide an excellent option for tooth replacement, with a high rate of satisfaction and quality of life advantages. For up to 5% of all patients, however, dental implants will fail. What would place your new restorations at risk? Typically, it comes down to two basic factors: placement and maintenance. The planning that occurs before the placement of dental implants in Jacksonville Beach, FL, is critical, and so is the way you take care of your new smile.

Reasons for Dental Implants Failure in Early Stages

  • Insufficient bone volume at the placement site
  • Minimal blood flow to the treatment site, resulting in poor healing
  • Existing medical conditions that hinder integration of dental implants
  • The integration time is misjudged and dental implants do not integrate properly before use
  • An active infection, from a root canal or gum disease, indicated by bleeding gums
  • Late Stage Factors for Failure of Dental Implants
  • Bruxism, or teeth grinding, can negatively impact implant health
  • Poor oral hygiene can lead to gum disease, which affects the gums and bone around the dental implants
  • The presence of certain medical conditions, like diabetes
  • Insufficient gum tissue
  • Bacterial infections
  • Radiation of the head and neck

What Can Be Done to Save Your Dental Implants?

If your dental implants have been compromised, your doctor will work with you to correct the situation. The most frequent factor in failure of dental implants is peri-implantitis, which is basically a periodontal infection in the soft tissue around the tooth. It is closely related to oral hygiene and the first symptom begins with bleeding gums. Dentists who perform laser surgery can quickly and comfortably use a protocol known as LAPIP© to improve the health and integrity of your implants. This laser dentistry technique will kill bacteria and diseased tissue, allowing the periodontal tissue to heal and protect the health of your supportive bone.

Does your periodontist perform LAPIP? Call our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Darryl A. Field to place or improve your dental implants in Jacksonville Beach, FL. Dr. Field is a specialist in periodontics and implant dentistry and has extensive experience with laser dentistry.

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