LANAP® Gum Disease Treatment: What to Expect

LANAP® Gum Disease Treatment: What to Expect

Have you heard of LANAP? It stands for Laser-assisted new attachment procedure, and is a minimally invasive alternative to traditional osseous surgery for gum disease. Unlike its counterpart, LANAP doesn’t need scalpels or incisions to effectively treat gum disease in Jacksonville Beach, FL.

Instead, it relies on targeted laser light to eradicate bacteria and diseased tissue without harming healthy gums. Even if you are sold on a scalpel-free option for treating your gum disease, it is important to know what gum disease is and what to expect with the LANAP process to treat it.

What Is Gum Disease?

Gum disease is a progressive condition that affects the gums, bone, and teeth. Gum disease begins when a buildup of plaque leads to an accumulation of bacteria on and around the teeth. These bacteria irritate and inflame the gum tissue so it begins to pull away from the teeth. Left unchecked, gum disease can lead to irreversible damage to the gum tissue and bone, ultimately increasing the risk for loose teeth and tooth loss, in addition to systemic health complications.

What to Expect with LANAP

LANAP is minimally-invasive, which means it is less traumatic to the soft tissues. This also means that treatment can be completed much faster and patients can enjoy greater levels of comfort and accelerated healing times. Because LANAP is much less invasive than osseous surgery, your surgical procedure can often be completed in under two hours.

LANAP therapy is commonly combined with other non-invasive traditional scaling and debridement tools to ensure that the bacteria, plaque buildup, and disease tissues are thoroughly removed from around the teeth. Dental lasers also cauterize the treatment site, that promotes both the formation of blood clots and jumpstarts the regeneration of new bone and tissue growth. With removal of disease and bacteria, healthy gums can successfully reattach to smoothed bone and tooth roots. This effectively reduces the depth of the periodontal pockets around the teeth, reducing the risk for bacteria and plaque to accumulate in the future.

Ready to Learn More?

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