End Your Dental Implant Cost Stigma

dental implant cost

Dental implants have a stigma surrounding them about the price. What many do not consider is what the cost is made up of. If you are interested in going through the dental implant procedure, there are a few things that you are going to want to consider about the cost breakdown. Understanding the implant process is important, as is fully understanding the price and what you can expect to pay for your unique needs.

Firstly, the implant pricing is based on the surgery itself. This surgery consists of your doctor placing the implants into the jaw bone, allowing for the titanium rods and bone to fuse, then placing the abutment and crown.

Another aspect of this is the consultation your doctor goes through with you prior to the surgery. The consultation takes time and advanced technology for your doctor to figure out your perfect implant treatment. The use of the advanced technology allows your doctor to perfectly fit and place your implants, so your new smile looks flawless and stays permanent.

During this consultation, your dentist will find out if your gums and jaw bone are sturdy and strong enough to ensure the implant stays permanent. This may include another cost if they are not dense enough. When you have weak bone and not enough soft tissue, the implant has a high risk of failure. The extra cost comes into play if any grafting needs to take place. This will bump up your price because of the time and materials associated with the treatment.

Another check your dentist will complete is how many implants you need placed, if you want implant supported dentures or what materials you prefer. If you only need a single or few teeth replaced, the cost is drastically different than needing full mouth reconstruction. The material is another cost, because the more durable you want your teeth, the more the price may rise.

Price point of implants always vary based on patient and may even vary based on doctor. It is important to do as much research as possible before going through with the procedure, and work out a deal with your doctor if you need a payment installation plan. Your doctor will be able to fill you in on any further details about your specific case, and you will soon enough have a smile you desire.


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