What You Need to Know About Same Day Teeth

What You Need to Know About Same Day Teeth

When you suffer from tooth loss, it may seem difficult to process all of the information available on tooth restorations. While many are familiar with dentures and traditional dental implants, they typically have not heard much about the process and advantages associated with getting immediate load Same Day Teeth. With this method, your periodontist in Jacksonville Beach, FL, can transform your smile in a one day dental implant procedure.

5 Facts about Same Day Teeth

A single or complete restoration: 

Same Day Teeth offers either a full-arch or single dental implant replacement. An experienced periodontist is able to replace any number of teeth in a single appointment with this treatment.

No need for temporary appliances: 

Traditional dental implants often require two to six months of healing time before the crowns or prosthetics can be placed. Whether a single dental implant or full arch of dental implants, a final Same Day Teeth restoration can be attached by your periodontist immediately.

A transformation in one visit: 

Everything is achieved in one visit, from extraction to implantation to tooth restoration. With Same Day Teeth, you do not have to worry about going a single day without your teeth.

Improves your bone health: 

Same Day Teeth can help prevent bone loss. When a tooth root is missing, bone loss occurs. Each dental implant post is inserted into your jawbone, replicating a natural tooth root by stimulating healthy bone growth and staving off bone loss. Additionally, compared to other dental implant treatments, those who already have bone loss may still qualify for Same Day Teeth.

A reliable and comfortable solution: 

Same Day Teeth provide a permanent tooth restoration that allows you greater comfort and convenience than traditional dentures. Same Day Teeth are secured in place so you never have to worry about shifting dentures.

After an initial consultation and pre-procedure examination, your periodontist can determine whether you are a good candidate for this dental implants solution. The next step is scheduling your one-day dental implant procedure where you will walk out of the office with a brand new smile. A few post-procedure checkups with your periodontist will be required to ensure that everything is healing properly and that you are comfortable with your new smile.

For more information about Same Day Teeth, from a periodontist in Jacksonville Beach, FL, call our office today. Schedule a consultation with our periodontist, Dr. Darryl A. Field, to learn whether this procedure is right for you.

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