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Dental Implants Are The Permanent Restoration Option

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Dental Implants 101

Dental implants are today’s preferred, long-term solution for missing teeth in adults. Periodontist Dr. Darryl Field uses high-quality Zimmer dental implants to give his patients a highly-functional, natural-looking smile they can be proud of.

Dental implants for missing teeth in adults have three components:

1.) The first piece looks like a tiny screw. It is made from titanium, a metal that naturally resists decay and is friendly to the body. This part of the dental implant is surgically installed in the jaw so it can fuse to the bone (called osseointegration) and become a new tooth root replacement.
2.) The center piece of a dental implant, called an abutment, pokes up through the gum line to connect the fused part of the dental implant to the crown.
3.) The top piece is called a dental crown. It like a real tooth and is fastened to the abutment.

Why More People Choose Dental Implants for Missing Teeth in Adults

Instead of wearing traditional dentures and bridges, more people are discovering the freedom of dental implants for missing teeth in adults. Dental bridges need two existing teeth, called abutments, to work, and the procedure requires that the teeth be grinded down in order to make room for the bridge. This places the teeth at greater risk for decay and wear. Dentures replace missing teeth in adults but can create frustration and worry because they can lead to bone loss and slip and make noise on the gum line. Dentures and bridges are also unreliable. They have a 70 percent success rate and need to be replaced often.

Dental implants have a remarkable track record of providing a lasting and durable solution for missing teeth in adults. Backed by string medical research, not only are they dependable but they are good for the body. Because they mimic real tooth roots, they prevent bone loss by regularly stimulating the jaw bone. Even patients who already have bone loss can have dental implants after some bone grafting.

Dental implants for missing teeth in adults make smiles healthy and beautiful again. Call periodontist Dr. Field today for a dental implant consultation.

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